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Pixie Wonderland is a smaller school but packs a punch with its young and energetic staff who strive to make the school a “home from home” environment.

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About Us

Pixie Wonderland offers early childhood development care and services for children at our school in Bergvliet.

We believe that early years education is a time of exploration and discovery and aim to work with you as parents to facilitate your child’s learning experiences as they develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

We recognise that each child has a unique set of abilities and needs, and we aim to provide daily opportunities for each child to develop at their own pace. Our professional and energetic staff all create a sense of belonging where children feel included, secure and valued while offering opportunities for stimulation and skill development.

A loving environment ...

Philosophy & Mission

We believe early years play-based learning has a vital role to play in the emotional well being of young children. And that emotional wellbeing is a fundamental prerequisite for learning at any age. Our schools provide secure, loving environments and learning foundations to nurture and develop your child as they prepare for school readiness.

General Information

Extra Mural Activities

Playball, Movement Skills, Monkeynastixs, Manners 4 Minors, Dance and Swimming are available during the school morning.

Parents can sign-up directly with each extra mural provider.

Operating Hours

We open at 07:00 in the morning and close at 17:15 sharp in the evening.
Children on the half day option may be collected at 14:00.

School Holidays

Pixie Wonderland is open all year round except for public holidays and bridging school holidays. The school closes for a period of four weeks during December and January to give our staff a well-earned rest! Holiday care is included in the fees.

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Contact Details

35 Bergvliet Road, Bergvliet
021 712 1309

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